Terra Flow Yoga was founded on the idea of restoration, a place to go for body, mind, and soul. The word "terra" means from earth, which connects us to grounding and stabilizing energies, and the world "flow" is the foundational movement we focus on in our Vinyasa-based yoga practices, however, it's also our philosophy to continue to trust in and follow the flow. We offer a wide range of yoga styles for any yogi and every body, including: vinyasa, yin, aerial, sculpt, hatha, and ashtanga yoga styles, alongside other healing modalities, including Barre, Pilates mat work, reiki healing, meditation, and yoga nidra. . We would love to welcome you to one of our classes, retreats, or events. Welcome home to Terra Flow Yoga.

Founded in 2014, originally by the name Soul Rise Yoga, in San Diego, California and now located in Australia as Terra Flow Yoga- a lot has changed.


We started with beachside yoga classes that were donation-based and focused around giving back to our community, while raising funds for charity. Now, our yoga name and styles have evolved but our foundations are still the same. Owner, Tara Barchalk, hosts classes and events worldwide to raise money for charities and her community. She believes that yoga not only has the power to heal, restore, and connect our 

community, it has the ability to affect global change, even if it's one small impact at a time.

Since our humble beginnings, we have led international yoga retreats, hosted events, workshops, day retreats, and even opened our first yoga studio in Western Australia! We have relocated to Coffs Harbor, NSW, where our new yoga studio has opened in Park Beach. Our intention is that you feel at home and can call this yoga space yours.

As the TFY owner, I am so grateful to have you here, I have committed my life to my practice, students, teachings, and the idea of giving back; my teaching style reflects my values of joy, gratitude, and acceptance with an undeniable passion for growth. I pour my heart into my classes and would be honored to have you join me, whether you're brand new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, there's a space for you and with open arms, we welcome you!



Vinyasa & Vin-Yin

We offer many different "yang-style" practices, including our foundational Vinyasa flow practice for beginner to advanced yogis.


Our Vin-Yin style incorporates both the yang and yin elements of our practice with equal parts vinyasa flow and restorative yin stretching. Both practices are founded on linking breath with movement and finding health in body and mind. 

We currently offer: Vinyasa and vin-yin classes weekly but we are hoping to soon add Power (heated) yoga and yoga sculpt to our timetable soon. We would love to hear your feedback about which classes you love and would like to see on our schedule.

Yin & Nidra

We offer restorative practices from vin-yin to our deeply restorative yin yoga. These nurturing practices are about unwinding, anchoring in, and slowing down. They are a beautiful compliment to your power practices and fitness routines, bringing balance and alignment into the body while focusing on the greater depths of our practice- deeper stretches and breathing.  

With more time to honor stillness, you'll feel the benefits of this practice right away, including, stress-relief, relaxation, realignment, and healing the body. 

Yoga Nidra is a guided yoga & meditation practice that takes place from savasana, we often include yoga nidra at the end of a yin practice or sometimes as a class on our schedule. 

Pilates-Yoga & Aerial

We also offer our more diverse pilates-yoga fusion and aerial yoga classes. Both are an amazing way to spice up your practice, whether you love a healthy sweat or a practice that teaches you to fly, trust, and feel free.

Our Pilates-yoga class is founded in traditional mat pilates and yoga postures and is a great way to detoxify the body while building strength!

Our aerial yoga practice is suitable for most yogis and focuses around inversions to help realign the body. If you experience any pain or tension, come try the benefits of a zero-compression inversion and feel relief after just one session!

*Please see our conditions while booking on the MindBody app, to ensure you are able to attend*





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