Before throwing my heart and soul into yoga, I first found my passion for traveling. I discovered that, through being in wild abandon, a lot can shift and change and create room for personal growth. When I realized I could merge my two passions of travel & yoga to create a week of healing, discovery, and restoration, I knew this was everything I was meant to do and share- my purpose.


I believe in offering experiences and moments that can't be duplicated & that don't break the bank


I took my first trip and remember barely having enough money to make it home, thinking back, I know I wouldn't be who I am without that first plunge into my travels, so I wanted my retreats to be reflective of my own personal travel values- don't go broke but more importantly, don't miss out. 


Because of our pricing and unbelievable all-inclusive deals, we have been known to sell out nearly every retreat we have had thus far. We value the importance of small, family-like group sizes, one-of-a-kind, yogi-approved locations, and finding a place that feels like home... but with the ocean at your doorstep or a monkey in your hammock. ;)


See what's happening next!

Previous Retreats:

Koh Samui Thailand: March 2016

Costa Rica: August 2016

Australia: November 2016

Panama: February 2017

Bali: February 2017

Australia: November 2017

Panama: March 2018

Thailand: May 2018

Morocco: October 2018

Bali:: September 2019


What's next:

Rishikesh, India, A Yoga journey : April 1-11th 2020

Morocco Surf & Yoga Retreat: October 6-13th, 2020

I hope you'll take a leap with us soon, we have some really incredible retreats

already planned out for the next year, so please email us:

(info@terraflowyoga.com) or visit the contact page to find out more. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I so look forward to sharing a slice of 

paradise with you soon. Happy days :)

- Tara B