The Ripple Project- Crystal Malas

Our project was started on one simple idea, that one act of kindness can be felt worldwide. Our mission is to spread mindfulness through handmade malas and here's how we are doing it.

Each mala purchased:

-Provides jobs for Balinese artisans

-Donates 10% of our net profits to charities around the world

-Inspires mindfulness through conversation about the organizations you support(ed)

-Provides grounding, healing, and love for the wearers of our malas

We believe it is possible to change the world with love... period.

Our story began in 2014 when founder, Tara Barchalk was traveling in Bali, Indonesia and met a local woman who was teaching a sunrise yoga class. A conversation was sparked about how much Bali was changing and how tough times were for some local people. It was a heart-felt, open, and honest conversation that had Tara and yoga teacher, Willy both reflecting on ways they could help the world. At that time, both yogis had no idea what that conversation would come to mean but Tara took her mala bracelet off and handed it to Willy hoping their connection would always be remember

Nearly four years later, Tara and Willy were still in touch and Tara had decided to put their conversation into motion by starting The Ripple Project, a place where mindfulness is shared and inspired through handcrafted malas. These malas are inspired by the energy of Bali, an island full of love, hope, and kindness. An island that showcases mother nature's most beautiful creations.


The Ripple Project malas take the use and design of malas one step further by giving back, first by providing full-time work for Balinese artisans (which we are working to expand on) and secondly by donating a minimum of 10% of our net profits to charities around the world.

We hope that by purchasing one of our unique malas you will feel inspired to talk about the charity and cause you supported in your purchase, starting a global conversation on ways we can live more mindfully and more aware of the impact of our human footprint. We believe that simple acts of kindness and mindfulness can change the planet and we are starting that ripple effect one mala at a time.

Today, Willy and Tara have spent time together in Bali crafting malas together and sharing their stories and together they will continue to craft the most unique, one-of-a-kind, and inspiring malas they can. Their hope is to continue to share their passion, their story, and their craft with the world. 

Please share your journey with us #MindfulMalaTribe

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