Dec 19, 2017

To juice or not to juice?


Edited: Dec 27, 2017

#YourHealthWealth, my shared series on what I do, what I'm inspired to do, and how I manage my health and wellbeing.


Let's talk about juicing. This is something I am immensely passionate about.

1. I've spent the last 5 years actively juicing, juice fasting, and healing my body with nutrient-rich liquid.

2. I've seen my own mother heal her body of cancer with the addition of serious juicing!


As hypocrites has famously said "let thy food be thy medicine...."


Now let's just quickly push out of the way the idea that juices are high in sugar... we know, via extensive research (resources below) that juicing is a fast track way to eliminate the need for the body to digest what you're eating and to absorb an abundance of nutrients which with some meals can take HOURS (some meats take DAYS), when we juice it takes roughly 15 minutes for those nutrients to be in the blood... IN THE BLOOD!! I also make sure that the majority of my juices are vegetable based versus fruit based. This is medicinal, this is how your body takes what it needs to fight illness, disease, and to properly be nourished.


Moving on, there's a fantastic doctor I credit my mom's wellbeing to, Dr. Gerson who created the Gerson institute which uses juicing to cure serious illness, even terminally ill patients were given their life back. When we juice we concentrate the food and it goes right into the tissues and the cell and raises the level of nutrients in our body.


You can completely restore every single cell in your body within 1 year from the brain to your DNA (2 months), the liver (6 weeks), stomach (5 days), etc! This is the fountain of youth and it rests within reach every single moment. The leafier the better and keep in mind juicing is meant to be simple and should be complimented with healthy lifestyle choices- moving, fresh air & nature, mindfulness practices, and honouring a plant-based diet. I would also suggest easing into it!


For more on what I'm referencing, please see The Gerson Therapy (fantastic book) and The Healing Effect documentary. However I'm FULL OF RESOURCES on this topic. Your health is your wealth, get empowered to be well and to HEAL

New Posts
  • It's about becoming YOUR best, not anyone else's. Let's dive into that because it applies to the #YourHealthWealth post for this week. And it's down right empowering when YOU finally step into honouring YOU, on your own terms! Becoming your "best" self does not mean your healthiest looking self, although fantastic if that's a result of the work you're doing, but it's about how you feel and what you need to honor. When we set health goals they should be 1. Practical 2. Attainable 3. Empowering and anything other than that has the potential to bring you down or worse, pull you back! Yogi sister @theenchantedlife reminded me over the weekend that it's about setting yourself up to succeed, soooo maybe don't start a new diet on the first and busiest day of your week (Monday usually). Try starting any other day and maybe you won't feel so overwhelmed or defeated. Think about ways you can set goals that will automatically set you up for success like: what time of day is your energy the greatest? Are there days you could prepare in your week to make goals easier? Do you feel positive and inspired by these goals?
 Again, feel empowered by the goals you set... so just because someone thrives off a vegan diet doesn't mean you HAVE to. The choice is yours and you have the power to listen to what your body needs and to become aware of how it responds. This applies to diets, workouts, lifestyles, etc! Story time- I woke up yesterday with the best intentions, thinking my body needed an intense workout & advanced ashtanga inversion workshop and it turns out my body was screaming NO! Midway through that idea I decided to listen, I opted for a yin class and melted right into where I NEEDED to be instead of where I thought I needed to be. My best self wasn't forcing myself into a practice (like I thought), it was listening to its calls for recovery.
 Your best self is not a diet or workout trend, it's about finding what works for you and honouring that and sometimes even that changes over time. 
Your best self is non-judging and always accepting. Go easy, step into your best version, not anyone else's. If it feels forced, it is, let your heart guide you.

So what the heck is Ayurveda?
 It’s a 5,000 year old science based on achieving mind-body balance. It fuses elements from spiritual, medical, physiological, and psychological studies to promote wellbeing and health on the multi-dimensional levels humans exist within.

Ayurveda stems from the Sanskrit words: Ayur- “life” and Veda- “knowledge”.

So this is your life knowledge and although you might not resonate with all of the above components or layers of this study, what you do and eat have a huge impact on your life and this study can help you better understand these connections and guide you into making the best wellness choices for you.
 To get started you can find a free DOSHA (3 energies used to describe YOU) test online. The test should be at least 20 questions although the more detailed, the better.
So before you get your tests results back, here’s what’s important to remember, ayurveda and knowing your dosha will give you specific guidelines and practices that will assist you in finding balance. For me personally this put a lot into perspective, foods that agitate me, times to rest, activities that work and don’t work, etc.! Instead of resisting who I am, I’ve come to instead, focus more of my energy in the right places!
The sister practice to Ayurveda is actually YOGA! The Vedas of the Ayurvedic system intended for them to be practiced together. And if you find yourself on your yoga mat in a spiritual light then you’re more connected to the practice of yoga but if you find yourself seeking health and balance, your connecting greater to your Ayurvedic practice... even if you didn’t know it.
 The reason these two practices are so linked is because we cannot become our highest self if we are not our healthiest self, they go hand in hand. 

Although a lot of today’s post sounds spiritual, understanding your body through Ayurveda is actually a very tangible practice of movement, breathing, tea, various practices, and rituals you can begin right away to feel your absolute best! Time to take that test!
  • Hi everyone, it's Tara here and I want to share my background as a reiki healer but also connect us all to this amazing healing outlet. So Usui reiki is a Japanese-healing technique used to channel the universal energy through the healer, to the recipient. This technique gives us a sense of where there might be imbalances, blockages, or an excess of energy in the body and energy field. It has been used for centuries but started to make it's way into the western world only a few decades ago. This is a very peaceful healing option that in my experience has always ended with a positive experience and that feeling of a weight being lifted, energy being cleansed and released. I love offering reiki healings, typically 1-hour long and a beautiful way to ensure your energy is balanced, tuned, and right as it should be. To book or find out more, get in touch!

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