Dec 19, 2017

Why use yoga blocks?


Edited: Dec 27, 2017

I am a HUGE advocate for yoga blocks! Why? Well they are amazing and here's why...


Yoga blocks never ever take away from your practice. If you find that you don't like using blocks but don't know why, it's a call to action and it's time you grabbed a few blocks for your next practice. They can be a huge benefit in balancing poses AND in deep stretches, they're a prenatal yoga class' best friend and they can be used to really help align the body in certain poses.


The best part is, if you find you no longer need the block or don't benefit from it, just remove it and place it to the side. It's a win-win and a huge component of our yin practice. Sometimes letting the body hang for too long can feel rough or even tense so to avoid that we can rest the body on blocks and gently ease into poses and our edge.


Next time you pop in, grab some blocks and we can work with them together!

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  • Of all the yoga classes I have done from home, I find my restorative practies the easiest, meaning I can zen out! I find that if I set the space then I can tap right into a similar, peaceful energy I would find at a studio. For example, I turn on mood lights, set the diffuser, light some candles, dim the lights, use comfortable props, play zen music and just like that I am in my zen cave. Yoga at home as been one of the biggest challenges for me because "it just doesn't compare," but I began to discover that energy and setting the vibe is everything. I also found that fidning the right online teachers, playlists, and routines is vital to maintain a home-based practice. I would love to hear what your challenges are when working from home or if you have any tips and tricks you find really work for you while practicing from home.
  • If you can incorproate just 3-5 morning stretches everyday you're going to feel like a huge difference in energy and body awareness. So here are my go-to poses: -Ragdoll (I call this my goodmorning stretch) -Standing half moon -Mountain pose (optional gentle back bend) -Downdog -Toe Stand (yin variation 1-3 minutes) -Cat/cow (coordinate breath) -Table top pose with clockwise and counterclockwise circles to stretch wrists and open hips -Seated meditation with 60 short, quick, loud breaths for energy! Share your favorite morning poses and what helps you get your day going below!
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