Dec 19, 2017

Micro Meditation Practice 1


Edited: Dec 27, 2017

#MicroMeditations Pt. 2

As I discussed last week, there are ways to begin interweaving centeredness into our lives and it doesn't actually require more time or effort. It's simply a mind shift.


Today, we're going to begin with layer 1 of an optional 5 layer mindful and meditation practice. This work comes from Tantra yoga practices. Now I want to mention that my entire time as a yogi I have believed that tantric styles of yoga were based solely around sexual practices, it turns out I was extremely wrong. Tantra yoga is actually the yoga tradition that is credited for the first writings and teachings of Kundalini and our understanding of the Chakras and energy systems in the body.

Which means I've been practicing and speaking of tantric yoga traditions my entire path as a yogi- ironic but also amazing!


So, as it's been shared with me from a tantra master teacher, here's what we need to know about micro Meditations, beginning with layer 1: PAUSED BREATH. To begin, we simply deepen the breath, just gently and not to the degree where it requires too much effort. As we deepens the breath we pause for a moment, 1-5 beats without creating anxious feelings, at the bottom of an exhale and the top of an inhale. You can think of it as the "after exhale" or the "before breath."


Paused breathing gives us a chance to surrender into the stillness and to become silently aware of the spaciousness within and around. Don't try too hard, dissolve into that space, and remember that the breath is what you are, let it be natural, without too much effort or thought. 

Try this first layer for 10-15 minutes if you're new to meditation but once you've found a rhythm, shortening your time to 1-5 minute meditations sprinkled throughout your day. Even in crowded, noisy spaces.


This first layer is the basis of a powerful and energetic meditation practice for healing and restoring. Try this exercise and tune back in for more of our series on Micro Meditations.


I love long walks and meditating on beaches and large parks. You’ve been really helpful, thanks.


In Givin Shool ( where do I study we have meditation "Looking into the sky". I like it a lot, it clarifies the mind very good. In combination with other elements it helps me to enter deeply into the present moment.

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  • Today's #MicroMeditation is focused on bringing awareness into the central channel of the body. This is the centre space that extends from the base of the spine or root chakra through to the crown of the head. Bringing awareness into this space via meditating is said to connect us to our divinity. This is an energy that kundalini yogis awaken and harness so if you practice this style of yoga, you might already feel this connection to the divine light. Let's work on this together: -find a comfortable space -sit on the ground or cushion and sit as tall as you can -imagine that the spine and crown of head can continue to expand & lengthen -close your eyes -imagine that golden shimmers of light expand from the base of spine through the crown of head -light brightens on the inhale and softens on the exhale, follow your breath -if you would like the optional layer of a mantra, use "HREEM." -Mantra: HREEM - "one with the light." -repeat breath until there is softness in the body and you feel connected to this central channel. A reminder that these micro Meditations are POWERFUL and even 2 minutes daily can change your habits and reactions in life. We are here, on the same path, seeking happiness, health, and a deeper understanding of who we are, where we are, and why we are here.
  • A small step on the journey home to the heart and peace.
 Today's micro meditation is about layer 2 of our meditation series (previously posted). If you read part 2, I discussed PAUSED BREATH as the first layer/tool of meditation. Today we introduce layer 2 of a 5 layer process. Note that the goal is to use these layers as often as you need, in order to release distraction and increase the power of your meditation. At any point however, you can release any layers that aren't calling to you in the moment or working to help you find peace. So layer 2, breathing to the crown and heart chakras. This connects us deeper to our heart and centre of being but also illuminates our energy and aura! So this is a visualisation technique as well as a deeper aspect of spacial awareness.
 Here's how you incorporate this breath, as you breathe in, you will imagine the breath coming down from the crown of your head and into your heart space, we honor the pause, and then as we exhale, we imagine the breathe releasing up to the crown. Naturally, the breath moves down on the inhale as it's being pulled down towards the heart, and released up into the crown chakra on an exhale. Visualising this and following the breath in your body makes for a very powerful layer 2 in this series.
 Reminder, these meditations are meant to be simple yet strong and something you can manage even at the busiest of times and in the busiest of lives! For now, practice your paused breath and spacial awareness of the heart and crown as you breathe into them. .
Be easy, take time, you are coming home to yourself.
  • As a part of our #MicroMeditations series I've been sharing tips and tricks every week, to embrace a meditation practice... even better, a micro meditation practice. The difference with micro meditations is that you don't need an hour to achieve stillness, you're encouraged to find a few minutes throughout your day 1-3X (or 10+ times) daily! Do what you can and where you can without any expectations. .
I started this series because anyone and everyone can benefit from meditation. It's not something you have or don't have, it's a practice, every experience is different, and there's no space for judgement just acceptance. Sharing meditation and slower practices has become a vital part of my teachings as well as my health and passion so keep reading to find out more about this week's tip towards stilling your mind. So this week I'm sharing layer 3, to recap, layer 1: paused breath, layer 2: breathing to the heart and crown chakras, and now layer 3!!! Layer 3- visualisation. These layers are always optional and in some cases won't be needed, you might find that layer 1 is enough but you might also find that you still feel distracted so feel free to add as many optional layers as you need. This one requires "the mind's eye." In this visualisation it might be easiest to imagine a color to begin with- white, gold, violet, blue shimmering colors and light. Imagine your color(s) in the base of the heart and as you exhale that light spreads up towards your face and crown chakra (adding on from layer 2). Every inhale that light invites in softness, a sense of release, and more bright light! We call this light, BINDU, it is the essence of nature and the core of your being, that beautiful, bright light. .
Find space today to bask in the light and watch this space for more!

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