"Who are we and What do we do?" you ask. Well, we are a collective of people, things, events, retreats, and experiences that give back and do our best to make a difference. Yoga is our main vehicle for this change but to be honest, we grab at every opportunity we can to impact, change, and create a movement of kindness. 

Born in 2019 officially, we're kind of new in town. But the truth is, we've been creating a ripple effect since 2016 when our sister project, The Ripple Project was born. We asked people around the world, just like you if they wanted a mala that would donate 10% to charity and then in 30 days we raised over eight thousand US dollars to back this project. It was then that we knew, our mission would continue to grow. 

Years later our project has expanded, beyond the thousands of malas that live across the world, but into retreats where giving back is our ethos, and now in our studio home- Terra Flow Yoga where a handful of classes weekly are free/donation-based giving back to charity EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. 

We feel the power, we can feel the momentum growing, and so our beloved motto and kindness movement has sprouted, in a BIG way- #DoYogaDoGood. 

We can't exactly spill all of the beans but rest assured this is the beginning of doing more for the world and our community. 

To date our records show we have donated over:


in 2 years and 9 months!!! Our goal is to work hard, strive bigger, and keep changing lives. We've been screaming it from the rooftops for sometime, but no small act goes unnoticed, it all adds up, and if we do little things often, we know we can make a difference. 

Retreats with a mission

Join any of the Terra Flow Yoga Retreats and help us make a difference whether it's a beach clean up, volunteer opportunity, or community outreach program, we're doing our part to GIVE back, quite possibly with a flower in our hair but definitely with a spark in our hearts. 

Products with a purpose

We hand make heart-felt gems for meditation and energy support (see our Crystal Mala page) but we also source delicate items from around the world. From gems, oils, gifts, bags, mats, and more. We believe in unique, quality products that support humans DIRECTLY. We do our best to source local or from the places we visit and travel to and understand their impact. We also sell these products with a purpose and give a minimum 10% to charity. 

Accessible Yoga

We offer weekly (yes, weekly) donation-based classes that are a "pay-what-you-can" format, it's our way of making yoga more accessible #MoreBumsOnMats! Sounds crazy, but really it's our way of saying thank you! We're very grateful to have the space to share and to see new faces each and every week. Come as you are. Be you. 

There's a whole lot more to come here, please watch this space or to find out more about how you can help or the charities and organizations we donate and give to, please contact us!

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